Diastema Teeth Gap Fix


So what is the scientific term for having a gap in your teeth? Diastema. Diastema is simply having a space or a gap in between any of your teeth.  Having a gap in your gap is common for many people throughout the world and as a matter of fact it is found in many other mammals.  There are even many celeberties and prominent people that have the condition of diastema.  The great news is that diastema is a treatable dental condition.

diastemaThere are many ways for you to fix the condition known as diastema.  Some of the most common ways to fix your teeth gap are braces, invisalign, and veneers.  However, most of these options are expensive and do not always work!  One of the most important pieces of information to understand is that this condition will reoccur if it is not fixed properly.  The Ortho Flexbands 3-Stage system was developed specifically to help fix your diastema and ensure it does not return!

At Ortho Flexbands, we work extremely hard to ensure every person can fix their diastema condition.  We developed a transformational way for people to close their teeth gap by developing our 3-Stage system.  Our product works by slowly closing your teeth gap over time to ensure you do not move your teeth too fast.  It is extremely important to remember that closing your teeth too quickly will cause your diastema condition to return.

Ortho Flexbands are guaranteed to close your teeth gap over a 90 day period and ensure it does not return.  The great news is that we were able to develop a great product in Ortho Flexbands and deliver it to our consumers for a lower price than the other options.  We are confident you will enjoy Ortho Flexbands and we are even more confident you will enjoy showing off your beautiful new smile!


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