Ortho Flexbands 3-Stage System

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Best Teeth Gap Fix

Ortho Flexbands 3-Stage System

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Product Description

Fix Your Teeth Gap

Fix your teeth gap fast with the Ortho Flexbands 3-Stage System!  Each kit comes with enough teeth gap Flexbands to complete the recommended 90-day teeth gap fix process.  Simply wear the Flexbands while you sleep, follow the included instructions to close a cosmetic teeth gap, and rejoice as your teeth gaps begin to shrink and ultimately disappear!

Please follow this recommended process…

1During Stage-1 of the Ortho Flexbands 3-Stage Process, you will use our “Stage-1″ Flexbands to begin the gap closing process.  Stage-1 Flexbands are designed to provide that initial “tug” on the teeth to let them know that you are going to be moving them.  Moving your teeth too quickly can result in root damage, therefore, we use light gauge Stage-1 Flexbands to initiate the process.  During Stage-1 you will begin to notice very subtle changes to the gap in your teeth, but you will not see the gap close.  The closing of the gap occurs during Stages 2 & 3.

2Stage-2 is when the real movement begins.  During Stage-2, you will begin to see more significant changes in your teeth gap.  The Stage-2 Flexbands are design to create enough force to pull your teeth together.  During Stage-2, you will feel more soreness as your teeth are shifting; this is completely normal.  By the end of Stage-2, your gap should be well on it’s way to disappearing.

3Stage-3 of the Ortho Flexbands 3-Stage System is designed to seal the deal.  These heavy gauge Stage-3 Flexbands will create enough force to close any remaining gap and retain the teeth in their new position.  IT is important to keep wearing the Stage-3 Flexbands until they are gone, even if you think you don’t need to.  If you don’t complete the process, you run the risk of having your teeth shift back!  The Stage-3 Flexbands are designed to help lock the teeth in place.

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300 Flexbands

3 reviews for Ortho Flexbands 3-Stage System

  1. drew
    5 out of 5


    The product worked great. I would recommend for those trying to close a gap in their teeth. I have tried other products in the past, but with the different stages the product worked well.

  2. Tina S.
    4 out of 5


    I got my Ortho Flexbands in the mail yesterday. Just started with Stage 1, so I can’t say for sure that they work, but delivery was fast and it came with a small plastic container to keep the rubber bands in. All the 3 Stages are in different bags. Everything looks good so far and I’m hopeful my gap will go away. I will post another review after I see some progress.

  3. C. Hunt
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    I started using ortho flexbands in March of 2012. I had a gap between my teeth for over twenty years and it recently closed by using ortho flex bands. I can finally have a open mouth smile that I only dreamed of for years. I am in the last stages of using ortho flex bands, and have already referred them to others that are amazed with my new self confidence and brand new smile.

    Thank you ortho flex bands for making such and impact on my life with a new confident smile.

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